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Three Powerful Tools To Help You Maintain Momentum

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Mo How   Posted By Dr. MO   Over the years clients of mine  asked me to develop simple, easy to remember, powerful tools to help them maintain positive momentum in their lives and help them feel better and achieve their goals. Here are three that I developed and that they have used successfully…….

1. Big Picture Thinking: Many of us lose our emotional balance a number of times each day. I know I do. If you want to be able to recover balance any time you are feeling upset, and return to an upward and forward direction, it’s vital to have a way to remind yourself of what your goal and purpose is in a timely manner.

To do this prepare a goal for yourself. Keep it handy, on paper, on your computer, and in your mind. Anytime you feel bothered, take a deep breath, take a moment, and review your goal and vision statement. When you know what the big picture is it will help you quickly know what direction to head to get back on track.

2. Accurate Thinking: One of the principal causes of feeling bad and losing momentum, is faulty thinking. This type of inaccurate thinking is filled with words and thoughts that do not properly describe situations, or our ability to deal with these situations accurately. In these instances the words we use in our self-talk tend to describe the situations as more difficult than they actually are, and to describe our capabilities to positively impact the situations as less powerful than they really are.

Any time you are in a situation where you feel upset in any way, and begin to lose momentum, it’s crucial to know how to listen to your thinking, know how to quickly identify destructive inaccurate thoughts and know how to replace them with more accurate constructive ones. Listening, identifying, and replacing are skills that can be learned.

3. Powerful Self-Talk. We talk to ourselves all day long and it is through these words, thoughts, statements, and questions that we describe and direct our lives. To maintain momentum we need to learn to talk to ourselves the way a great coach talks to teach  motivate , encourage, hold accountable, and foster confidence in whoever they are talking to.

When we study the words that great coaches use we discover similarities in their vocabularies. The words they use are positive, constructive, and accurate. We also notice that the tone is upbeat, and that the attitude is optimistic. Speaking this way to ourselves is a skill we can learn, and is one we need to practice in order  make it powerful.

If you want to help learning how to use these tools in your life join maintain momentum. As a member you will gain access to the  Free Introductory MOmentum Mind course . It provides you with the first steps in developing this skill. If you want your thinking to be even more powerful I suggest you consider purchasing the full 35 lesson MOmentum Mind course.

The course is usually $79, and is available now through a campaign we are running on the website  for $40 along with a second free course you can give as a gift. You can click this link, http://igg.me/at/momentum, or copy the link and paste it into your address bar, to access the campaign. You can then choose the MOmentum Mind course as a Perk. Information on how to access it  will be sent to after your purchase.

I If you practice using these tools  you will be able to maintain momentum more often and feel much better, no matter what.

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  1. Ed Rudick December 12, 2013 at 7:20 pm #

    What a beautiful way to make a difference to others. The idea of a third course available for a non-profit was a wonderful addition! Congratulations.

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