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How To Develop And Sustain Your Motivation (Part Seven)


MoHow  Posted By  Dr. MO  Creating and maintaining motivation are the keys to achieving anything in life and then sustaining the achievement. It is this motivation that plays a crucial part in helping us maintain momentum through thick and thin. The momentum I am referring to is the energy we require to create, regain, and sustain our efforts to move forward and upward in life. To have this energy we need to learn and practice a range of skills, and use a number of tools to motivate ourselves.

Over the past six days I have shared thirteen Motivators. Today I am continuing with two more, and in the days to come I will continue to offer more suggestions….

Motivator Fourteen: Record your progress

Keeping a journal is a great motivator. Write what you did for the day, your thoughts about how it went, how you felt, what mistakes you made, what you could do to improve. Looking back on this journal over time is also excellent motivation; it helps you see your progress over time, what you’ve been doing right, and helps you pinpoint where you went wrong,  where you could improve and how far you’ve come so far.

To be consistent about keeping a journal, do it right after you do the activity you want to motivate yourself to continue each day. For example, if you go for a run , as soon as you come home and drink some water,  pull out your journal and write an entry about the run. Make it a habit. Don’t put it off until later, otherwise you will soon be putting it off for a couple of days and then you won’t be doing it at all. Do it right away, every single time, so that it becomes automatic.

A journal helps keep you on track. It helps remind you that what you are doing is not just for today, but for all the days you’ve already journaled about it and for all the days you will journal about it in the future. It won’t take you all the way to your goal by itself, but combined with other motivators, it can be a very useful tool.

Motivator Fifteen: Visualize daily

Athletes use this technique with a high degree of success….

The key is to visualize your successful outcome, in whatever you undertake, in great detail. To do this, close your eyes, and think about exactly how your successful outcome will look, feel, smell and taste and sound. Picture where are you when you become successful. What are you wearing.  Form as clear a mental picture as possible.

For example, If you have a goal to train a couple of times a week for the remainder of this year, and your goal is to become stronger. If would like to have a little more muscle, and have a strong midsection, with powerful legs. Visualize, and see yourself  as you will look when you successfully follow your strength training program, and when you visualize feel the way you will feel about yourself.

This is a powerful motivator, and though it may feel strange at the beginning, I urge you to close your eyes and do it right now, for at least a few minutes. Can you picture it? Now here’s the next key: do it every day. For at least a few minutes each day. This is the only way to keep that motivation going over a long period of time.

See your success, and will make it happen.

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