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How To Develop And Sustain Your Motivation (Part Eight)


MoHow  Posted By  Dr. MO  Creating and maintaining motivation are the keys to achieving anything in life and then sustaining the achievement. It is this motivation that plays a crucial part in helping us maintain momentum through thick and thin. The momentum I am referring to is the energy we require to create, regain, and sustain our efforts to move forward and upward in life. To have this energy we need to learn and practice a range of skills, and use a number of tools to motivate ourselves.

Over the past six days I have shared fifteen Motivators. Today I am wrapping up with two more.

Motivator Sixteen: Commit fully

Announce to the world that you have embarked upon an important initiative and are going to achieve a specific goal by a certain date. The key is to commit yourself totally.

Here’s how to do it..

Let’s say you decide to run a marathon. Don’t just tell your spouse or children what you are going to do. Don’t just write it down. Don’t just set sub-goals and reward yourself for accomplishments. Do all these things and one major thing more….

Write a Commitment Contract.

In this document describe in detail what you are going to do, when you are going to do it, and why it’s so important for you to do it. Then choose who you are going to give the contract to. Choose people who will support you and also keep you accountable.

Print out the contract…sign it and date it…and then distribute it to the people you chose and post it in as many places as possible so that you see everyday.. the mirror in your bathroom..in the kitchen..on your computer…at your desk..in your car.

When you do this, you’ve made a strong declaration , that important people know about, and the likelihood that you will not follow through will diminish greatly.

When you tell this many people about your goal, keep them updated, and ask them ask them to encourage you and remind you, you will be powerfully motivating yourself.

Be creative and do what you have to do. But the more positive public pressure you create for yourself, the more likely your eventual success. This is guaranteed.

None of us like to look bad to other people. To ourselves, sure, we can look really bad. But to everyone else, we hate to fail in the public’s eye. Make this simple trait of human nature work for you, and help you remain motivated and achieve your goals.

Motivator Seventeen: Momentum Mind

For me this is the prime motivation technique. This is the one driving force that has helped me keep going through thick and thin…this force is the momentum mind way of thinking.

Here is how I’ve used the technique. There have been many times when I wanted to quit, to just stop and give up, with initiatives. This is what I do… when I want to throw in the towel I listen to my thinking and when I hear negative thoughts, I address them immediately! These negative thoughts will stop us cold if we don’t dispute and replace them. So that’s what I do, I become aware of the negative thoughts, and I overcome them.

The process begins by becoming aware of the power of your self-talk . We talk to ourselves all day long, but most people are not always aware of these thoughts. Start listening. If you hear negative thoughts, dispute them,  and replace them with positive, constructive thoughts.

Momentum thinking is my refinement of positive thinking. It’s been used by many successful people. While all the motivators I’ve described work extremely well, they will be 10 times stronger if you combine them with momentum mind thinking.

If you found this post useful consider subscribing to this blog, and if you want much more help and support, including the momentum mind thinking training course,  a wide range of specific motivational tools and resources and a morning boost in the form of  my morning email AmMo to help you get going every day, consider joining www.maintainmomentum.com.

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