How To Become More Of A ‘Morning Person’

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AmMo   Posted by Dr. MO   Today I am writing the next in a series of blog posts in conjunction with a series I am writing for the daily morning email, called AmMo, that is a part of the free membership of Maintain Momentum. This post is a primer for the night before, the AmMo version is slightly different and repeated as a guide and reminder for the next morning. If you want to receive AmMo, click on the ‘Simple Assessment’ box, to the right, on this page.

This post is about how to prepare the night before to become more of a Morning Person….

Earlier bedtime and getting up in the morning. To rise earlier, you’ll need to go to sleep earlier and that can be difficult if your habit is to stay up late to read, watch TV, write, or frolic. Consider going to bed earlier in small increments. Start with 15 minutes earlier, with the expectation of getting up 15 minutes earlier, then gradually increase this to half an hour and then to an hour. If you do this gradually, it will give both your body and your mind time to adjust to the earlier sleeping and waking times. It will also allow you to find a balance between too early and too late.

Avoid watching TV,  using the internet, or eating just before bedtime.These activities can excite you and keep you awake rather than inducing sleepiness. In particular, don’t watch the news, or exercise late at night, as these will over-stimulate you.

Dim your lights one hour before bed to facilitate the release of melatonin and make you sleepy. Avoid bright lights, caffeine, and alcohol, as these will all keep you awake.

Establish the goal of going to bed by 10 o’clock; sleep experts believe this is the optimal time. Aim to fall asleep by midnight (at the latest) on most nights.

If you live with a night owl, who does not want to change their sleep/wake schedule, ask for quiet when they  go to bed.

Start this routine tonite with  small steps if you want to become more of a Morning Person. If you take action, you will discover that earlier bedtime, better sleep, and waking earlier are tremendous momentum boosters.


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