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7 Exercises To Help You Get Going In The Morning


MoHow   Posted By:  Dr. MO  Do you have difficult getting going in the morning? If so, I have 7 simple exercises to get your blood pumping and your muscles and mind primed to start the day with more momentum. And the don’t require equipment.They only require you…

The first 6 exercises are isometrics . These are physical activities that exert force on a muscle (resistance) and where there is no visible change in muscle length (that is, there is no motion). An example of an isometric activity is carrying a bag of groceries or pushing against a wall. These exercises are extremely handy, as many of them use only your body weight to create resistance. They also take only 10 seconds each so anyone can fit them into a busy schedule.

If you’re already fit, don’t expect too much from isometric exercises. But if you’re a beginner or in recovery from an injury, these types of exercises will help you become stronger and are often a springboard to a more advanced level of routine.

The last exercise is a stretch.

They all can be done in bed as soon as you wake up and will help you develop a consistent exercise routine. They  can be used as a natural AmMo Booster to help you get started each day.

Remember to remove your pillow from your head and breathe throughout each of these exercises. Hold each pose for 10 seconds. Do all 7 exercises one after the other and repeat the sequence 3 times for a total workout time of only 4 minutes!

1.  Hand Press. Muscles strengthened: chest, biceps & triceps.
While lying on your back, grasp your hands together in front of your chest and firmly press them together.

2.  The Bridge. Muscles strengthened: hamstrings, butt & abdominals. Still lying on your back with your arms now flat against the bed along your sides and palms facing down, bend your knees so your  heels are about 6 inches from your butt. Push your heels into the bed and raise your butt into the air. Flex your abs (i.e. draw your bellybutton toward your spine) to create even more resistance in the pose.

3.  Headboard Squeeze. Muscles strengthened: triceps.
Still lying down on your back, raise your hands above your bed and grasp your headboard with your palms facing down. Your elbows should be close to your ears and pointed in the air at approximately a 90 degree angle (i.e. your wrists should be about the same height as your elbows). Now, push down. If your headboard is too high or you don’t have one, create the same pose but place your palms flat against the wall.

4.  Drawing-in Maneuver. Muscles strengthened: mid-section.
Continue lying on your back but lower your arms to your sides. Pull your stomach up and in as far as possible (as in “the bridge” pose, imagine pulling your belly button toward your spine).

5.  Leg Lifts. Muscles strengthened: thighs & calves.
While in the same position, lift your right leg about 6 inches to a foot (depending on your level of fitness, the position should not put a strain on your lower back) off the bed. Tighten your abdominals to reduce back strain and point your big toe forward, like a dancer. Until you get stronger, you may push into the bed with the opposite leg to help you hold the pose. Repeat directions for working the left leg muscles.

6.  The Butterfly. Muscles strengthened: entire back half of the body.
Flip onto your tummy, keep your neck long, arms along your sides and your legs about shoulder-width apart. Now raise all your limbs and head at the same time towards the ceiling. For this pose to be effective, make certain your shoulders aren’t hunched by moving your shoulder blades down and use your upper back muscles to squeeze your blades towards each other.

7. Child’s Pose. This is is a stretching exercise.
Once you’ve completed the entire sequence three times, relax from “the butterfly” and lift your upper body off the bed and move your butt back to rest on your heels. You can stretch your arms above your head as it rests on the bed, or move them down to your sides. Rest in this position for about 30 seconds.

Do this easy routine in the morning and see how much easier it is to get out of bed! Within only a few minutes, your heart will pump blood more throughout your body and wake you up naturally.

Do you have any exercises we could try in bed to mix up this routine a bit? Also, I’d love to hear how this routine improves your day! Don’t be shy, please leave a comment!

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