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Wow is a three letter word with an incredible amount of energy built into it. It’s a word that is more often used by children than by adults and can bring zest and vigor to your life if you decide to embrace it in your thoughts, writing and speech.

It can be used as an exclamation of wonder: “Wow, that waterfall is incredible!”, or as an expression of pleasure: “Wow, that ice cream was so delicious!” Say it aloud and notice the feeling on your lips and on your face. Say it louder and feel the tightening of your arms and hands and the surge of vitality in your body.

Wow can also be used to describe an extraordinary success: “Your project is a real wow.” Say this aloud and once again, notice the ripple effect in your body. Did you notice your head moving from side to side in a ‘yes affirming’ motion? Did you notice your sound volume rising as you formed the word Wow and breathed it out through your engaged lips? Saying it really does something to you, doesn’t it?

This energy-filled word can also be used to describe something that will be exciting or pleasurable: “That dress will certainly add wow to your life, you look smashing!” Say this one out loud also…do you feel and notice your own surge of enthusiasm?

Wow is one of a number of words that we can easily choose to “re-include” in our vocabulary. When we do, the consequence will be childlike glee that will course through our veins again. Wow is an unbridled word. Write it down in your day timer, put it on a Post-it note and send yourself a Wow using the MoMinder reminder tool on the maintainmomentum.com Website.

Wow! It will feel really good!

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