Vision and Momentum


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Vision: To attain your goals, you must first envision them.  Throughout history, great accomplishments have begun with the vision of a single individual.  Dream it and Achieve it!

From the time that I was quite young, I remember hearing people say “I will believe it when I see it.”  It seemed to me that what they were saying was that they didn’t believe something, and that only if they saw it with their own eyes would they believe what had been described.

Later, I heard people say “Seeing is believing.”  And once again, it seemed to me that what they were saying was that if you saw something with your own eyes, then it would confirm that the “something” was real.

These phrases that related to the need to actually “see” something before you could believe it, or that by seeing something, it made the “something” real, fascinated me.

Were these people talking about seeing with my eyes, or could it be that if I imagined something, that it too would become real?  I wanted to explore the imagining option and see where it took me.  I wanted to explore the power of my thinking and envisioning.

Here’s what I discovered…

When I used the power of my thinking to describe things in great detail to myself, the imaginings became more and more real.  When I added sensory-based words, the imaginings became more and more powerful.  I learned that whatever I saw in my imaginings became real to me.  I learned that what I saw, when I imagined it, I believed. This resulted in the discovery that “Believing is Seeing”; that when I believed what I said to myself, I actually saw it.

This type of seeing or envisioning is enormously useful and powerful.  When you learn to do it consciously, with positive, constructive purpose, you can create great energy and Momentum in your life.

Do it for yourself…

Use your inner words to envision something important you want to achieve.  Describe the something in great detail.  Write it down.  If you are a member or student at  Momentum Mind, use the MoPad function on the Momentum Mind Dashboard.  Use sensory-based words to describe it.  Imagine using words that make it real.  Then read it to yourself, or record it and listen.

Here is an example of the vision written by someone who wanted to build a beautiful retreat centre.  Read it and imagine along with the writer.

I am walking in a forest that surrounds the retreat centre on a beautiful sunny day.  It is a forest of very tall pine trees.  The trees tower above me as I walk along a narrow path. I see the beautiful colours of the forest and brilliant beams of sunlight coming down among the trees.  As I walk, I am aware of the quiet that is occasionally is broken by the call of a bird or cracking sounds as I step on small twigs and pine needles strewn on the path.  I reach out and touch a huge pine tree and feel the roughness of its trunk.  As I continue my hike, I hear rustling in the treetops, and then feel a soft breeze on my face, and now the fresh smell of pine fills my nostrils.  I feel calm and relaxed, refreshed and very invigorated about my project.

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2 Responses to “Vision and Momentum”

  1. Anna Asthon April 18, 2012 at 6:37 pm #

    Great blog. I’m envisioning my family of three beautiful, curly ginger-haired little Steves at our beautiful cottage on the lake right now!

  2. mo April 19, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Thanks for your comment. Here’s to you and your dream being realized….

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