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Five Tips For Successful Positive Change

MoHow   Posted By   Joel Simms   Any change is difficult to initiate and even more difficult to sustain. In this post I will provide 5 suggestions to help you begin the process more powerfully, keep going so that you establish the change, and maintain the benefits of your change. Here they are: 1. Be like a […]

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How To Become More Of A ‘Morning Person’

AmMo   Posted by Dr. MO   Today I am writing the next in a series of blog posts in conjunction with a series I am writing for the daily morning email, called AmMo, that is a part of the free membership of Maintain Momentum. This post is a primer for the night before, the AmMo version […]

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Preparation and Momentum

  Posted in:  MoWord     By Joel Simms Preparation: Knowing where you can go starts with knowing where you are and where you’ve been. Success requires practice, study and strategy.  Master each detail and consider the possibilities and probabilities. Have you ever had the experience of being able to do something well and that others considered […]