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How To Create and Maintain The Circle Of Positive Momentum

Mo Story   Posted by   Dr. MO    Captain Joseph Charles Plumb Jr. was a U.S. Navy jet pilot in Vietnam. He was shot down on May 19, 1967, during his 75th mission (five days before the end of his tour). Plumb ejected and parachuted into enemy hands. He was captured, and survived 2,103 days as a […]

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How To Create A New Positive Way To Think About Mondays

I look forward to Mondays in a way that is equal to my way of looking forward to any day of the week. It’s something I’ve learned to do over the years and something I want to teach anybody who is open to feeling better on Monday. Dreading Monday, or certainly not looking forward to […]

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How To Think Like A Fearless Achiever (Part Two)

MoHow   Posted by Dr. MO  In yesterday’s post ( Part One), I told you about meeting a philosopher who shared his wisdom about FEARLESSNESS and ACHIEVEMENT with a group of people that included me. I learned a great deal him, including the idea that each one of us has the seeds of the FEARLESS […]

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How To Create More Momentum In Your Life

Mohow   Posted by Dr. MO   In the Sahara Desert, where it is very dry, the nomads have  many words that they use to describe different types of sand. In the Canadian north, where it is very cold,  the Inuits have many words to describe different types of snow. In both these places the inhabitants have […]

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How To Change The Content On Your “Self-Talk” Channel

MoHow  Posted by Dr. MO    Everyday we broadcast to ourselves on a channel I call the “Self-Talk Channel”. This is normal and this self-talk is usually an accurate and healthy description of what we are seeing and thinking,  of what is going on in our lives, and of internal directions we give to ourselves. It […]

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How To Build Your Positive Words Vocabulary

MoHow  Posted by Dr. MO  Have you ever thought of your vocabulary as inventory? As a resource you could call upon to more fully, and more positively, describe situations, events, and things in your life? If your answer is no, you are in the majority. If you want to change this, I want to help […]

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How To Change Your Words And Change Your Life

MoWords    Posted by Dr. MO    When you wake up in the morning what are your first thoughts? What do you say to yourself? If you don’t know… you can decide to listen to your thinking beginning tomorrow morning. Do this by asking yourself. “What am I thinking?”, and listening.  If the thoughts are […]

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AmMo Morning Momentum To Help You Get Going

AmMo Posted By Dr. MO Welcome to the first AmMo post in the Maintain Momentum Blog. I have created AmMo to ignite, inspire and create Momentum in the morning so that you’re motivated and energized to pursue whatever is important to you with a commitment to keep going, no matter what. You can use AmMo […]

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Powerful Words for Powerful Momentum

Posted in:  MoWord by Dr. Mo Sensational: One meaning of sensational is: “Very good indeed, very impressive or attractive, something that is exceptionally good.” When you use ‘sensational’ to describe a thing or situation, you will immediately feel excitement, energy and a sense of awe. Human Momentum is the force and energy that keeps you moving […]