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How Compassion Opens You Up: The Story Of Asanga

MoStory   Posted By   Joel Simms  Over the ages there have been many powerful fables, tales, and stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. In the beginning the transfer of wisdom was oral, then to a limited extent it was written; first on stone, wood or metal, then on parchment and paper. Today […]

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20 Instructions For Life

MoHow   Posted By   Joel Simms  Over the past few years a Life Instructions List, attributed to the Dalai Lama, has been read by many people on the Internet. This list actually originates from Life’s Little Instruction Book by H. Jackson Brown Jr. The list is powerful,filled with great wisdom and has been shared widely. If […]

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How To Develop Mindfulness (Part Two)

MoHow   Posted By   Dr. MO   Yesterday I wrote about developing mindfulness and provided 5 ideas and skills  I’ve been learning, and practicing, to help me be more mindful. Today I am sharing 5 more. If you read yesterdays post you may want to skip the introductory paragraphs and go directly to the 5 new ideas […]

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