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Powerful Words for Powerful Momentum


Posted in:  MoWord by Dr. Mo

Sensational: One meaning of sensational is: “Very good indeed, very impressive or attractive, something that is exceptionally good.” When you use ‘sensational’ to describe a thing or situation, you will immediately feel excitement, energy and a sense of awe.

Human Momentum is the force and energy that keeps you moving in your initiatives, no matter what. It is your ability to generate this Momentum in difficult moments that determines whether or not your projects and life continue in a forward and upward direction.  Your words play a huge part in this process and in how well you do at maintaining your Momentum through thick and thin.

Your words have enormous power. They can drive you forward or stop you cold. Most of us do not realize the extent of this power and that we can and do have a choice in the words we say out loud and what we say to ourselves. In order to actually exercise this choice, we need to develop a specific skill and create a broader vocabulary of words from which to choose. If you want to become more powerful, keep on reading.

Here’s how to begin:

We’ll start with the word “sensational”. It is an example of a powerful word that we can choose to add to our word inventory. Going forward, any time you are describing a situation, event, or thing to yourself or others, you can learn to listen closely to the words you are using and decide on whether or not it is beneficial and constructive to upgrade the description using an adjective such as “sensational”.

For instance, over the next week, spend some time listening to your way of telling yourself about your life. Write down the adjectives that you have used over that period.

Now, simply write adjectives that are more upbeat, energizing and positive and repeat your descriptions with these new words. Everything is a matter of degree; no matter what your word choices were before, you can find and replace them with more accurate and powerful words that are reflective of your experience. Next, read the descriptions to yourself with emphasis on the new words and notice what you think and feel.

When you begin, you may notice that you do not believe the new descriptions; that they feel foreign and seem both untrue and inauthentic; that they are not your reality. If this is your experience, it is completely normal. You have been saying the old things and words to yourself and others for a very long time.  It will take time to appreciate that these more positive and affirming words do in fact apply to you.

Continue to use the newer, more constructive words all the same. With repetition and practice, both your skill and belief in your new descriptions will increase and you will realize more and more that words such as “sensational” will actually change your experience and lead to feeling better and more energized.

“Sensational” is a Momentum-fostering word. It is one of many that you can search for and then incorporate into your vocabulary. The more word choices you have access to, the more able you will be to create, regain and maintain Momentum in your initiatives and your life.

Please let me know what benefit you derive from this post and please share any Momentum-fostering words or strategies that work for you.

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