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MoHow, Momentum and Achieving Your Goals

MoHow, Momentum and Achieving Your Goals

Date:  Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Posted in:  MoHow    By:  Dr. Mo

When you are able to do something well, you are said to have ‘know how’, and today I’m introducing a new Category in my blog where I’m going to give you tips and advice so that you will be able to generate Momentum, maintain it and achieve your goals. I call this new category MoHow.

MoHow is ‘know how’ from me, Dr. Mo. It’s ‘know how’ about Momentum and achievement. I’m going to share with you the MoHow I have learned and gained over many years.

I will regularly post articles that will be filled with practical “How Tos”. My goal is give you tools, ideas and resources that you will easily be able to use and apply in your life. My articles will focus on the key areas of your life in which you want to begin, stay with and complete important changes in your life.

MoHow will help you be and remain more motivated, committed, resourceful and driven to Achieve Your Goals.

Please let me know what you think and in what others areas I can offer you help or advice. And, if you have any MoHow tips that you want to share, please send them in.

MoHow will begin to flow shortly. Stay tuned for the first MoHow post…

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