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Live in the Moment


Posted in Momentum by Dr. Mo

Our lives unfold moment after moment and day after day. Each night we lay our heads down to sleep and can release from the hurly-burly and complexities of the day before. We rest and the world goes on. In the morning we open our eyes and it is then that we can once again choose how to experience our days.

If your day begins and you find yourself overwhelmed with the enormity of what is on your agenda ….. If you feel anxious or upset by what needs to be done …. If you feel small, relative to all that you are thinking about…. Shift your thinking from all of that to here and now. Shift from thinking about the future, and these things, to now, this moment and you.

Shift and direct your thinking from all of that outside you, back to you…

Breathe slowly and experience you body. Stretch and experience it more.

If you have projects, programs, initiatives and things to do that seem to stretch off into the distant future and you feel they are all too much…. change your thinking by seeing each activity separately and experiencing some of them as adventures of growth and improvement, and some of them as requirements of life.

Tell yourself that you are capable of dealing with what’s on your plate and recall times you’ve done just that. Fill yourself with thoughts of what you have already accomplished, rather than depleting yourself with thoughts of what is not yet done. Replace self-doubt with faith and return to what is in front of you with a new feeling that you are bigger and the challenges are smaller.

When you change your focus to Here and Now, the present, you will find yourself being calmer, more energized, with a greater sense of control about things in your life. This shift to the Moment is a shift to you being in charge of your own Momentum, of you being able to change your thinking so that you feel better and achieve more in your life.

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  1. Ed November 28, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    Another great post. thanks!

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