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How To Use Visualization To Reach Your Goals


MoHow  Posted By   Dr. MO   If you want to achieve more in your life it’s vital that you develop a way of thinking and approaching situations that is positive and optimistic. You need to hold yourself accountable, treat yourself with kindness and regard  any shortcomings you may have as opportunities to love yourself and improve.

To achieve more, to improve, we need to change any limiting beliefs we may have such as having a negative self-image and thinking that we are not capable of change. Positive Thinking and Positive Imaging are two keys for us to develop so that we can move forward and upward if advancement is what we want.

Here’s a way for you to harness the power of these two keys…

Begin by thinking about a goal you want to achieve. Describe it to yourself as specifically as possible. Use your imagination to vividly see a  person achieving the goal. Then vividly see yourself.

Here’s an example, in detail, of the process in action..

Let’s imagine you want to start running, and to make running a daily habit. Begin by thinking about runners you’ve seen or have heard about. Read about their habits, their lifestyles, and imagine what it’s like to be them. Watch videos of them running. Listen to what they say, how they think. Study what they do.

Then, imagine yourself as the runner. Think about being the runner, imagine how the runner would act, think and feel.

Be the runner. Believe you are the runner. Imagine fully and you will become the runner. Use all your senses as you are imagining, as you are visualizing. When you think and act like the runner, you will run and achieve like the runner. And since you are the runner, what will you do? You will run!

This thinking and visualizing strategy works for any goal, and for any person. Imagine that are able to achieve what you want, and you will do it..

Once you are able to see yourself, in imagination, achieving your desired action and outcome, you have a paved a road that will lead to you to your goals.



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