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How To Think Like A Fearless Achiever (Part Two)


MoHow   Posted by Dr. MO  In yesterday’s post ( Part One), I told you about meeting a philosopher who shared his wisdom about FEARLESSNESS and ACHIEVEMENT with a group of people that included me. I learned a great deal him, including the idea that each one of us has the seeds of the FEARLESS ACHIEVER inside us, and that for most of us the seeds are dormant, somewhat withered, and that the FEARLESS ACHIEVER can to be nourished back to life.

Today I’m writing about a very powerful strategy he taught us so we can think about FEAR in a totally different way.

Here’s how he approached it, and what he said..

About one hour into the meeting he asked the  attendees to raise their arms if they want to reduce the impact of FEAR in their lives. The room became a sea of arms, every arm was raised. He then asked us if we wanted to learn a simple method that would help us cut ours FEARS down to size. The response was a universal “Yes!”

Next he said. “Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine that the word FEAR is actually an acronym.  Imagine that each of the letters in the word FEAR actually is the first of four other words……

The F is the first letter of the word FALSE
The E is the first letter of the word EVIDENCE
The A is the first letter of the word APPEARING
The R is the first letter of the word REAL


And then he said, ” Repeat this to yourself,  My F.E.A.R. is actually FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL, and think about it each time you repeat it. Now repeat it out loud, in unison ten times.” We did it, and shortly afterwards the meeting ended.

He was right, most of our FEAR is caused by us saying inaccurate things to ourselves, and believing them. If you want to lessen your FEAR, (raise your arms if you do), practice what we practiced that evening. And anytime you feel afraid, repeat the statement ‘My F.E.A.R. is actually FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL‘  Then describe the situation more accurately and your FEAR will be reduced and you will be on the road to becoming a FEARLESS ACHIEVER.

In my next post I will add another FEARLESSNESS fostering strategy.

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