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How To Think Like A Fearless Achiever (Part Three)


MoHow  Posted By Dr. MO   In Part One and Part Two of this series I told you about meeting a philosopher who shared his wisdom about FEARLESSNESS and ACHIEVEMENT and about a very powerful strategy he taught us to think about F.E.A.R. in a totally different way. In this final post, Part Three, I’m  providing some additional statements about the FEARLESS ACHIEVER in all of us, for you to think about.

The fearless achiever carries on knowing that each day that lies before him or her is a fresh start and a new journey.

The fearless achiever regards every day as a chance to do a little more and a little better than the day before.

The fearless achiever knows that it’s not what he or she says that brings success for others, but rather the action that he or she takes.

The fearless achiever knows that he or she must be the one to put his or her neck on the line to set the standard, to pave the path.

The fearless achiever cares not what naysayers utter about their dreams; he or she says look at my results and lets those be the marker of success.

The fearless achiever doesn’t let time or small set backs stop them.

The fearless achiever enjoys the journey and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The fearless achiever knows that patience truly is a virtue.

The fearless achiever knows that achieving is going to be difficult and accepts that reality.

The fearless achiever pursues his or her dream without F.E.A.R.

It has been over thirty since I had my chance encounter with the philosopher.  I consider myself to be exceptionally fortunate, because I have benefited enormously from what I learned that one time that I met him.  I am also enormously happy that I have been able to share what I learned with thousands of people.

This  way of thinking about F.E.A.R., and of  how to uproot it and re-develop our fearless achiever, has changed the lives of each person who has practiced the skill and embraced the thoughts. The process is simple, however it is not easy. It requires dedication and on-going practice.

If you want to be more fearless and achieve more in your life, use this post along with the previous two to propel you and that direction. And if you want even more propulsion, consider joining maintain momentum and completing the momentum mind course on the member’s site.


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