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How To Slim Down And Maintain Your Weight Loss ( Part Two)


MoHow   Posted By Dr. MO    Yesterday I asked you the question…”Do you want to make this the year that you slim down and keep the weight off for good?”, and provided those of you who answered “Yes” with some strategies that will help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss over the long term. Today I will share 7 more strategies and 3 stumbling blocks for you to avoid.

Here are the strategies…

Eat your favorite foods (in moderation). Include 100-200 calories per day of your favorite foods, whatever they may be. This will keep you from feeling deprived, which can lead to cravings. Plan your indulgences into your schedule, just keep the portions small, and savor your food.

Watch your portion size. Look at nutrition information and look at the fat and calories you’re getting. When you eat at a restaurant, if the portion is big, cut it in half right away and put it in a doggie bag, or split the meal with a friend.

Lose weight slowly (1-2 pounds per week). When you lose weight slowly it is easier to keep it off. Quick weight loss is much less effective and usually leads to yo-yo dieting that can have a negative impact on your long-term health.

Eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes before your brain realizes your stomach is full. That means the amount of calories consumed before you begin to feel full can vary a great deal depending on how quickly you eat. So be sure to eat slowly and enjoy your food.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. There are several advantages to drinking plenty of water. When the body is not receiving adequate fluids, the kidneys compensate by conserving water. The result can be water retention….water weight you really don’t want. Drinking a lot of fluids makes the stomach feel fuller and decreases the tendency to overeat.

Stock your home with healthy foods. Examples include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dried beans, nonfat dairy and fish or lean poultry. Healthy, low-fat, high-fiber frozen entrees that are lower in sodium are good choices. Also, plan meals in advance and make a shopping list so you’re eating more meals at home. It’s helpful to limit dining out if you’re trying to lose weight.

Keep things in perspective. Make health, not appearance, your weight management priority. Make sure your focus is in the right place; on health, not on pounds.

Along with following the strategies from my posts, beware of these common stumbling blocks to long-term weight loss:

Fad diets. Often, these diets promise to help you lose a lot of weight quickly, or tell you to cut certain foods out of your diet. A quick fix is not the answer. Instead, the best approach is to focus on making small lifestyle changes you can maintain.

Emotional eating. Don’t eat as a way to cope with stress or other negative emotions. Food never solves the problem, and usually it just contributes to a cycle of guilt, low self-esteem and overeating.

Negative self-talk. Listen for negative thoughts and statements such as “I’m fat. I’ll never be able to lose weight.” Replace them with positive constructive ones . If you are a member of www.maintainmomentum.com, complete the free momentum mind introductory training course and use the Thought Tracking Exercise to improve your ability to develop Positive Self-Talk that will help you stay the course on your health weight management journey. If you are not a member, join today.


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