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How To Rise Earlier With Momentum Series – Number One



AmMo  Posted by Dr. MO…I am writing the next series of blog posts in conjunction with a series I write for a daily morning email, called AmMo, that is a part of the free membership of Maintain Momentum. This post is a primer for the night before, the AmMo version is slightly different and repeated as a guide and reminder for the next morning. If you want to receive AmMo, simply click on the Thinking Assessment box, to the right, on this page.

Beginning this evening my goal is to  help you develop more Morning MoMentum by sharing specific strategies . Becoming more of a morning person is not easy, however with these tips I’m certain you will find it easier….

• Be Resilient and Patient. It will take time and commitment to transition to waking up earlier. It’s important to realize that the ease with which you wake up early is at least partially influenced by your genetic makeup.  Because of this it may not be possible to become a full-fledged “morning person” if in fact you are predisposed to be more of a “night owl”.  However, it is very likely that with practice and perseverance that you will be able to gain at least an hour in the morning that will provide you with a little more morning time than you had before.
Stick with the Process; it’s not going to be easy for the first few mornings. The more you become used to the early morning light cues and to regular bedtimes, the  easier you will find it to be an earlier riser.
Reward yourself with something that encourages you to keep getting up early each day, perhaps a delicious breakfast, a new CD to listen to, or an early morning massage.
Remind yourself that today is a new day that it will be filled with new adventures. Teach yourself to truly look forward by keeping your head up and your eyes looking ahead.

After you read these tips review them and use them to create AmMo in the morning.


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