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How To Replace Bad Habits

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MoHow   Posted By:   Dr. MO   As I said yesterday, about 20 years ago I decided that it was time for me change my life in a purposeful, positive way. I decided to begin by eliminating what I considered to be the bad habits that I had been forming for who knows how long, and replacing them with healthier ones. When I  changed my habits I changed my life.

I became a healthier thinker, began to eat healthier food, and became more physically fit by exercising daily. If you want to make similar changes in your life I have some ideas to share with you to help you eliminate bad habits and develop good ones. Yesterday I offered eight to start with, here are eight more .

Emphasize the downside. Use your imagination to enhance the negative implications of doing nothing. Imagine yourself so unfit that you can not walk up stairs. See yourself as old, obese, and alone

Emphasize the upside. Spend more time with people who live the way you want to live. Join groups and find mentors who have already adapted the habits you want to take on. They are role models giving you the positive reinforcement and guidance you need.

Stay Consistent.  For the first month don’’t just exercise a few times a week, do it daily. Exercise at the same time, in the same place and with the same routines to establish the habit. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Remind yourself. Put reminders of the benefits of your new habit all around you. Remind yourself of you will do each day.  Use Post-It notes, and the Reminders Tool on the maintain momentum website to help yourself stay consistent.

Motivate Yourself. Get motivation when things get tough. Read this blog, read the daily AmMo email, read the quotes on our Facebook page, read our twitter tweets, and learn how to talk to yourself Positive MoTalk.

Break Down Your Goals. Use goal setting techniques to establish your new healthy habits. Set sub-goals that you will be able to achieve on the way to establishing the habit. Exercise for 30 minutes per day, then 40, then one hour.

Be realistic. Don’’t strive for perfection. Focus on improvement and reward yourself as you move in a positive direction. Cut yourself slack at the same time as holding yourself accountable.

Do it Now. The best way to  change bad habits is to begin to practice new routines. Begin the changes today, stay with them,  and in a month you will have more health in your life.

If you found this post useful consider subscribing to this blog, and if you want much more help and support, including the MOmentum Mind thinking training course,  a wide range of specific motivational tools and resources and a morning boost in the form of  my morning email AmMo to help you get going every day, consider joining www.maintainmomentum.com.

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