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How To Prepare On Sunday For A Better Monday


MoHow    Posted by Dr. MO   Most people don’t like Mondays, especially Monday mornings. Here at Maintain Momentum one of our missions is to change that reality and create a movement of people who actually look forward to Monday.. it’s called the TGIM (Thank Goodness It’s Monday) Movement.

I realize we have a significant hill to climb and am dedicated to getting to the summit. I invite you to join the adventure and suggest that the journey will be very healthy for you and reaching the destination will be enormously rewarding.

Just imagine a time, in the near future, when you will go to sleep on Sunday night looking forward to Monday; a time when you will sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and ready to go Monday morning…

Here are four steps for you to begin to take, on Sunday night, if you want to join the movement and make those imaginings come true…

1. Make a list of things to look forward to on Monday and for the upcoming week. If you are a maintain momentum member write this list in your MoPad Journal so you can access it from any device you have, anywhere, at any time. If you are not, write in a note book ( or join maintain momentum). Writing this list will counter your automatic thinking where what you do on Sunday is think of all the things you ‘have to do’ or ‘don’t want to do’. Write down 5 things you are looking forward to. Describe them with positive words, and review the list on Monday.

2. Turn out your lights and go off to dream land a half hour earlier on Sunday night. Get some really good rest and sleep so that you up the likelihood of being refreshed Monday morning.

3. Plan to awaken 20-30 minutes earlier on Monday morning to give yourself a little more time to transition from sleep to work. Give yourself time to stretch, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, and spend time with your family.

4. And finally, choose what you will wear on Monday, on Sunday evening, and set it aside. Wear something you look good in, and feel good in. When you do, your confidence will be higher and the probability of positive comments and compliments will rise significantly.

I hope you have chosen to join the movement, more people is more momentum. More of us to help and support each other in our efforts to grow and improve.

Each one of these steps is a momentum booster, and cumulatively they will impact your health, well-being, and Monday mornings positively.

Begin this Sunday…May the Mo be with you….


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