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How To Develop And Sustain Your Motivation (Part Five)

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MoHow  Posted By  Dr. MO  Creating and maintaining motivation are the keys to achieving anything in life and then sustaining the achievement. It is this motivation that plays a crucial part in helping us maintain momentum through thick and thin. The momentum I am referring to is the energy we require to create, regain, and sustain our efforts to move forward and upward in life. To have this energy we need to learn and practice a range of skills, and use a number of tools to motivate ourselves.

Over the past four days I have shared nine Motivators. Today I am continuing with two more, and in the days to come I will continue to offer more suggestions….

Motivator Ten: Get inspired
Inspiration is one of the best motivators, and it can be found everywhere. Every day, seek inspiration, and it will help sustain motivation over the long term. Here are some of the best sources of inspiration:
•    This Blog and others by people achieving your goal
•    Success stories of other people (search online)
•    Forums with other people going through the same thing
•    Friends and family
•    Magazine articles
•    Bios of high achievers
•    Books about your goal
•    Quotes
•    Photos of achievement

Use these, or find your own sources of inspiration, and make it a daily habit to be inspired. Then set off towards your dreams, energized!

Motivator Eleven: Re-enforce your achievements
In previous motivators I talked about breaking larger goals into smaller, sub- goals. attach a reward to accomplishing each of them. Make a list of your goals, and write  an appropriate reward for each of them. By appropriate, I mean it’s proportionate to the size of the goal and makes sense for your goal (eg. don’t reward a day of healthy eating with a fattening dessert).

Rewards can be many things. Examples include new running shoes, a massage,  a manicure or facial. Don’t just indulge yourself — celebrate! Feel good about your accomplishment, and look back on all the hard work you put in. It’s important that you make a big deal about it, because this will make you feel good about your goal activities, and motivate you to do more. Tell family and friends about it. Be proud of yourself. Give yourself a gold star.

If you found this post useful consider subscribing to this blog, and if you want much more help and support, including a wide range of specific motivational tools and resources and a morning boost in the form of  my morning email AmMo to help you get going every day, consider joining www.maintainmomentum.com.

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