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How To Deal With Work Stress

How To Deal With Work Stress   Posted in MoHow  By Dr. MO  Stress is a killer and can easily build up when we don’t address address it routinely. Here are some ways for you you install “pressure relief valves” in your life:

1. Learn how to better manage your time. do your work during the workday. Make this feasible by taking on fewer tasks and setting work and home boundaries.

2. Learn to be more assertive. Use this skill to that you can be more comfortable expressing your thoughts, needs and wishes, and more able to say “no”, without feeling afraid, or guilty.

3. Don’t let your daily meeting and assignment schedule drag. Book your your last appointment or meeting one hour earlier than you want to leave the office so that even if you are running behind schedule you can leave for home on time.

4. Breathe away your stress. Several times a day, slowly inhale through your nose, fill your lower lungs an diaphragm, let your abdomen expand and feel the invigoration of the full breath. The exhale slowly through your mouth and imagine you are breathing out your stress.

5. Eat dinner at home with your family. Schedule to be at home  for a meal with your wife and children at least three week nights.

6. Schedule non-work vacations. Take at least two vacations with your spouse and children per year.

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