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How To Create More Momentum In Your Life


Mohow   Posted by Dr. MO   In the Sahara Desert, where it is very dry, the nomads have  many words that they use to describe different types of sand. In the Canadian north, where it is very cold,  the Inuits have many words to describe different types of snow. In both these places the inhabitants have developed these large inventories of words because their survival  depends on accurately describing conditions they live in. Their vocabularies are purposefully rich and accurate.

This week I have been focusing on helping you develop a richer positive way to describe your life to yourself and others. I am doing this because my research has shown that when we have a limited positive word vocabulary we have a limited repertoire of positive feelings, and that by increasing the number of words we can draw on in our own word inventory, we greatly increase the likelihood of feeling better.

The relationship between feeling better emotionally and the number of positive words we have in our vocabularies, is the same as the relationship being physically healthier and  having healthy foods in our pantries. If you want to feel better, and have more momentum in your life,  study the lists of momentum-fostering words in today’s blog the ones I’ve written over the past three days, and then use them in your thinking, speech, and writing.

Here are 7 more words to help you feel better and positively change what you feel.

Today’s words:
1.    Curious   … “I feel curious.”
2.    Phenomenal
3.    Extraordinary
4.    Tremendous
5.    Great
6.    Fantastic
7.    Excellent

Use these words and then notice the impact on your feelings and behavior.

Foster your momentum today with MoWords….. Say them aloud and experience the difference right now!


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