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How To Change Your Words And Change Your Life

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MoWords    Posted by Dr. MO    When you wake up in the morning what are your first thoughts? What do you say to yourself?

If you don’t know… you can decide to listen to your thinking beginning tomorrow morning. Do this by asking yourself. “What am I thinking?”, and listening.  If the thoughts are positive and uplifting, great! If they are negative, and you want to feel better, take a deep breath, and then calmly chose to replace what you hear with something more constructive.

The simple act of listening and changing the words will not change your life. It will, however, let you know that you can give yourself an instant boost by saying something invigorating to yourself. If you want to work toward a more long-lasting change in your life, you can learn techniques that will help you identify your automatic negative thoughts and words and replace them with more positive ones.

If you want to master the technique described above, listening to your thinking (Thought Tracking), consider joining maintain momentum, it is offered as part of a course that is included in the free membership.

In the meantime, I have compiled the list of words below to help you feel more energized. Using these words in your vocabulary can also help you in the longer term, by telling what you want to feel. They provide you with specific goals ( I want to feel”grateful”.) that you can decide to strive to achieve ( I am going to do what is necessary to actually feel grateful.).

Here are  7 words. Read them, repeat them, and use them to change what you feel.

Today’s words:
1.    Phenomenal
2.    Grateful
3.    Amazed
4.    Amazing
5.    Awesome…… “I feel awesome.”
6.    Outstanding
7.    Elated

When you change your words  you will change your world.


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