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How To Change The Content On Your “Self-Talk” Channel


MoHow  Posted by Dr. MO    Everyday we broadcast to ourselves on a channel I call the “Self-Talk Channel”. This is normal and this self-talk is usually an accurate and healthy description of what we are seeing and thinking,  of what is going on in our lives, and of internal directions we give to ourselves. It is our “take” on the world.

The words we use are usually reacted to, by ourselves, as if they are absolute truth. If we say “it’s a horrible day” when it is drizzling outside, we will likely feel bad. If we say that “this is the worst place in the world to live“, we will likely feel down or angry. The words ‘horrible‘ and ‘worst‘ are probably overstatements and the associated feelings are probably overreactions, however  most people are not aware of this .

You can change your reactions by developing the skill of listening to your thinking, and the second skill of questioning whether the words you are using are accurate and constructive. You then become able to purposefully choose to use words that have more of an ‘upside‘. You can choose to say things that orient your “take” more positively and you can do it as a choice. The consequence is that you will feel better and know that you can change your feelings by changing your word choices.

These skills are the basis of the momentum mind thinking course that is available to members of maintain momentum…..

To help you think more positively,  here are another 7  constructive momentum words, MoWords, for you to add to your feeling word inventory.

Seven powerful words for today:
1.   Centered
2.   Balanced
3.   Jubilant
4.   Terrific
5.    Marvelous
6.    Stupendous
7.    Brilliant

Use these words to create momentum at the start of your day (self-talk)  and then during your day. Use them to replace negative and destructive ones.  Then notice  how much better you feel when you choose to use “up” words instead of “down” words.

Choose upward and forward momentum today…..

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