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How To Build Your Positive Words Vocabulary


MoHow  Posted by Dr. MO  Have you ever thought of your vocabulary as inventory? As a resource you could call upon to more fully, and more positively, describe situations, events, and things in your life? If your answer is no, you are in the majority.

If you want to change this, I want to help you become part of a growing minority… a group of people who purposefully are choosing to become more able to be be  robust describers of their lives.

To achieve this goal day I am suggesting new words in this post, and in other MoHow posts for you to add to your ‘constructive feeling’ word inventory. Read the words listed below, and add them to the words that from my ” How To Change Your Words And Change Your Life ” post of two days ago. Review and repeat them. Think about their meaning, and as you say them ‘feel‘ them in your mind and in your body. Say them to yourself silently, or out loud. Decide that what you want is to ‘be’ the word…. to be  ‘motivated’, to be ‘complete’. And if you don’t yet feel the feeling, decide to do what is necessary to have the feeling word be an accurate description of you.

Once again you can use these on their own, or in combination with the magnifiers to change what you feel by using these energizing words more often.

Here are seven more powerful words:
1.   Encouraged
2.   Indestructible
3.   Motivated
4.   Complete
5.   Confident
6.   Inspired
7.   Overjoyed

Use these words to create momentum early in the day (self-talk)  and then to respond when asked “How are you?”  during the day.  For example you may choose to say “I feel  Inspired today!” Just watch how much better you feel when you choose to use “feast” words instead of “famine” words.

I will continue to offer ideas, strategies, and momentum words, MoWords, in upcoming blogs. Also, if you want new MoWords every morning, join maintain momentum and read my morning email AmMo.

Make this an extraordinary day by thinking in an extraordinary way…..

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