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How To Awaken Yourself Early In The Morning


MoHow    Posted by  Dr. MO   This the third post in a series about waking earlier and becoming more of a ‘Morning Person” that I am writing in the evening.   I also write a daily early morning email, called AmMo, that is a part of the free membership of Maintain Momentum in which I am currently writing a slightly different of this post. If you want to receive AmMo, which I write to help people get going with momentum each day, click on the ‘Simple Assessment’ box, to the right, on this page.

Transitioning from sleeping in to waking early can be quite difficult when you begin. The change from the late-to-bed sleep pattern to the new rhythm of a morning person requires a range of strategies to help you get up and be alert early in the day.

Here are four suggestions to help you establish this new healthy habit…tomorrow I will add four more.

1. Turn on the lights when you first wake and open the drapes or blinds. This will help you reset your internal clock and foster alertness.

2. Immediately leave your bedroom.  Go to the kitchen, and have a cup of tea or coffee to awaken your senses, or drink a glass of warm water  lemon juice.

3. Go to the bathroom and splash your face with cool water right after you get out of bed.

4. Exercise at the start of your day. This will help to wake you up, and is very effective at stimulating your body’s metabolic rate. In fact  early morning exercise is better for your metabolism than exercise done  at any other time of day.

If you have other strategies that work for you please comment to share them.

I hope these posts and suggestions are helping you rise earlier and enjoy momentum-filled days…

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