Five Tips For Successful Positive Change

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MoHow   Posted By   Joel Simms   Any change is difficult to initiate and even more difficult to sustain. In this post I will provide 5 suggestions to help you begin the process more powerfully, keep going so that you establish the change, and maintain the benefits of your change.

Here they are:

1. Be like a Boy Scout…Prepared. People who succeed in making positive changes in their lives have often tried to change many times before, and have learned how to improve the process. They are people who learn to give themselves time to prepare, time to develop the skills, and put in place resources that might help them in any change initiative.

You can improve your success by identifying where you’ve gone wrong in the past, improving your technique and finding out about new approaches.

2. Have a powerful reason for the change
 One of the greatest obstacles to change is uncertainty, part of us wants something to be different, and another part prefers the status quo. The first step of change is to make a decision. However, decision-making isn’t a once-only thing process. You will likely return to decisions again and again. Each time it’s necessary to bolster the decision by reminding yourself of your reasons. by asking questions such as, “What is it that I really want to happen and why?”.  And by reminding yourself of what moves you.

3. Visualize success When you’re wondering how to do something, rather than asking “How can I do this?” imagine that you’ve already done it successfully. Picture yourself with the change accomplished, and then ask yourself how you did it. Telling yourself the story of how you succeeded is a great way of creating a sense of confidence. Research shows that people using this ‘success visualization” technique tend to be more inventive in solving problems. Approaching a problem imagining it has already been solved puts you in a different mindset, as your creativity is supported in the search for answers.

4. Celebrate each step forward
 One of the skills of successful change-making is to appreciate advances and celebrate small accomplishments along the way. This helps maintain enthusiasm and prevents momentum loss. As you proceed celebrate when you’ve done that, and then continue the journey.

5. Maintain momentum 
Significant changes are often difficult, with rough patches and setbacks along the way. By seeing change as a journey, with bumpy patches as part of the terrain, it becomes easier to be understanding of ourselves when we’re not doing as well as we’d planned. We can increase the strength of our persistence by recommitting to our decision and reminding ourselves why that is important to us. Then we identify the next step,  take it, and then proceed to next step after that.

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