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AmMo Morning Momentum To Help You Get Going

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AmMo Posted by Dr. MO Are you like many (maybe most) people early in the day who have difficulty getting out of bed?. Do you want some tips and help reverse this trend and get your juices flowing and your momentum going? Well we’re here to suggest great ways to get your day going in a positive momentum direction

A few days ago we offered the following suggestion..

When you awaken, continue to lie in bed with your eyes closed, for a minute or two. Gently begin to stretch from head to toe, putting tone back into your muscles. Stretch the way a cat does, enjoy the feeling of elongation. Then, slowly open your eyes and sit on edge of the bed and continue stretching for another minute. Finally, stand up, and in a space that allows for full extension, stretch all over.

Did you read that suggestion about how to start your day? Have you been doing the stretches to start the day? Are you stretching the way a cat does? If so, great! If not, consider starting…..and here’s another idea to add to your strategies on how to launch your day.

SUGGESTION TWO: After your body stretch, do a two or three minute mind refresh and reboot. Sit down, close your eyes, breath slowly and begin to refill your mind after your night’s sleep with thoughts of gratitude. Remind yourself of all that you are thankful for, starting with “being alive” and build from there. Think about what’s important in your life and what you will do today to move you in that direction. Reminders provide you with destinations and routes that help you keep on track and maintain momentum.

Consider continuing these AmMo activities daily. I’ll continue to offer more suggestions, strategies and tips regularly.

Please share any benefits you derive from these posts and please share any ideas that work for with our growing maintain momentum community.

I hope AmMo helps you get going each morning, and may you be well.

Think Well, Do Well, Feel Better, Achieve More

Dr. MO

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