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7 Powerful And Simple Ways To Rapidly Lower Your Stress


MoHow   Posted By   Dr. MO   Some mornings when I awaken, I feel anxious and overwhelmed. When my stress level is high, my body is tense, I feel edgy all over, and my mind races in negative endless loops.
When I realize this, and I’m getting better at realizing it more and more quickly, I use different strategies to to calm myself down and feel much better. The key for me is taking my mind for elsewhere and bring myself to the moment… the HERE and the NOW.

In today’s post I am sharing 7 methods that work really well for me. Read through them and then experiment to see which ones work for you.

1. Change your mind. Instead of thinking about all the things I you have do today, choose to be in the  moment. Be present. Instead of having your mind elsewhere, bring yourself back to now, in this moment, focused on where you are and what you’re doing and who you’re with. We cannot change things that have already happened, and obsessing over them does nothing to help us now. We cannot predict the future, so worrying about it does nothing to help you either. Instead, focus on now … if something is worrying you, take action … but even better, just be in the moment, and live as if now is all there is.

2. Get one important thing done. Do less but do more important things. When I say important, I mean things that will have a huge impact on your life (personally or career wise) over the long run. Not things that need to be done today or else. Here’s why: If you get something important done, something that will help you in the long run (even if it’s only a step towards a major accomplishment, it’s important), you will feel great! You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. That makes any day a better day.

3. Declutter. Even if it’s just a little space, say a drawer or a shelf, decluttering an area of your life can have a wonderful effect on your mood and happiness level. I know it gives my day a boost. When things start to get cluttered, I take a few minutes to clear it out.

4. Go for a walk. Just go for a walk. That movement, and the fresh outdoor air, will have a great effect on your day. And even better: take a few minutes to enjoy the nature around you as you go for your walk. Breathe. Clear your mind. Calm yourself during a busy time of your day. Think … “ I am so happy to be alive! How wonderful my world is! Great opportunities and possibilities are in my life!”

5. Listen to great music. Whatever music gets you going and brings a smile to your face, a bounce to your step, or helps you feel content, play it. Play it at home, when you are out, in the car, or at work.

6. Watch a sunrise or sunset. They fill you with warmth and awe. Sunrises energize your whole day, sunsets put beautiful bows on them.

7. Spend time with  loved ones. When I spend time with my granddaughter I am filled with joy. And, time with my wife, walking on a beach, that’s about as good as it gets too. Make time to be with the special people in your life,  be with them, talk with them, connect with them.

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