6 Ways To Overcoming PROcrastination (Part Two)


MoHow   Posted By   Dr. MO  As I said in yesterday’s post, for many of us one of the principal stumbling blocks to accomplishing important things in our lives is overcoming our habit of procrastinating.

I deal with with this powerful debilitating habit everyday. It rears it’s head regularly and  I need to use various strategies I have learned and developed to get things done.  Today I’m posting three more approaches that work for me. Here they are….

1. Make a firm appointment with yourself.  Make your first important task a scheduled daily appointment. Put it in your calendar. My day starts with stretching, exercising, and meditating. My first appointment is writing.  I start the day by writing my morning email, AmMo, for members of Maintain Momentum. For you, it will be what is important to you. Have a set start time and a set ending time.

2. Know your motivation. Why are you doing this? Why is this task important? What is it working towards? And how important is that end goal to you? Why is it important? You need to know these things, and answer these questions, to build up the required momentum to overcome your PROcrastination.

3. Just Do It. In the end, all the tips in the world won’t make as much a difference as this simple (and timeless) instruction…. Just start! Still want to PROcrastinate? The best way to overcome the old habit is to just start. Reading more about PROcrastination won’t help. Thinking about it won’t help. Working on your to-do lists won’t help. Only Doing helps. Just start!

So how do you start, when you want to put something off? You just start. You remind yourself of what you need to be doing, and the reasons, with powerful Self-Talk…MoTalk. You go to the activity place and just start!

For me, that means going to my desk, opening up the administrative panel for my website and creating the title of the article I’m writing about that morning. Then I go to my research, brainstorm and write an outline. This gets me over my PROcrastination. And once I’ve started, I’ve ignited my passion and created the required Momentum, and nothing stops me..

Take today’s suggestions, couple them with yesterday’s three strategies, and use them to help you get over your PROcrastination hump. With practice, the power of the old habit will lessen, as your new skills improve.

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