6 Ways To Develop Greater Mental Fitness


MoHow   Posted By:   Dr. MO    When people hear the terms ‘personal trainer‘  or ‘coach‘ they usually think of physical fitness or sports. At maintain momentum we emphasize the importance of mental fitness to compliment your overall health. In today’s post I am providing exercises for your mind!

By developing your mind you will find that you can do more physically just by envisioning it in your mind; accomplish more; and have more discipline in all areas of your life, including emotional self-regulation

Imagine what it would be like if you could accept someone’s well-meaning criticism, not take it personally and actually thank someone for their comment because you know how to integrate it into your life in a positive way

What if you could be angry with someone but be able to process that anger in a healthy way and then be able to discuss the matter constructively with the offending person so you can talk about how to avoid it in the future?

What would your life look like if you were to be able to control your mind, and emotions?

This is what meditation is about. It is exercises for the mind to help you develop more control just as physical exercise helps us control our bodies more efficiently.

Many people have a misconception about meditation…they think it’s sitting in the lotus position and humming “OM”. Yes, this is one style of meditation. However,  there are many different types of meditation to choose from based on your own personal preference and the mood you’re in.

Here are 6 types of mind exercises for you to experience.

Concentrative Meditation. This form requires you to clear your mind except for a singular focus on an object with whole-hearted attention. Sit still in an upright position and breathe deeply, focusing on your breath. You can also use a mantra, like a single word such as ‘calm‘. Be gentle with yourself: when you find thoughts coming up (as they most definitely will), gently push them aside and return to your choice of focus.

Active Meditation. Have you ever heard of ‘runners high‘? This is where you’re so into the moment that you are in a ‘zone‘.. You go to another place in your head and often people report they no longer feel any physical pain in this enhanced state. Try it with music and/or dancing  just feel the music and let your body move on its own. It’s an amazing release!

Awareness Meditation. A form of both concentrative and active meditation, next time you’re doing a simple task, really focus on what you’re doing and the sensations you’re experiencing. Doing the dishes is an example: feel the warmth of the water and the light, fluffy bubbles against your skin…the smell of the soap tickling the hairs in your nostrils…the sound of the running water in your ears…really take your time and get into the task with all of your senses!

Music Meditation. When you need to get away from the troubles of life, there’s nothing better than listening to your favourite music (which usually depends on your mood) and losing yourself in the sound of voice and instruments. While you have that music going and you notice your body wants to move, get up and do some active meditation!

Writing Meditation. Otherwise known as journaling, this form of meditation is taking the time to write out your thoughts. Write down whatever comes to mind, or you can create more of a diary, either writing about how your day went or (being more creative) how you’d like to experience your day.

Mindfulness Meditation. This form helps us pay more attention to our thoughts. Often we experience negative emotions and haven’t a clue where they come from – you can bet that they are results from un-supportive Self-talk! Sit up straight, breathe deeply and picture complete darkness. Your mind will be full of thoughts; approach them with curiosity and compassion, label them as “thinking” and return to focusing on your breath. Throughout the day, when you recognize negative inner dialogue, replace those thoughts with more constructive ones.

When you exercise your mind in these ways you will be more able to  think better, feel better, and achieve more positivity in your life..

If you have you any other mind exercises that work for you, please share them with us.

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