10 Great Stress Relief Strategies


MoHow  Posted By Dr. MO  Do you have times when your days are over-flowing with things that have to get done or with situations that are really difficult? I do…

What do you do you when you are going through these kinds of extremely stressful periods?

In today’s post I am sharing 10 strategies that help me reduce my stress and feel much more calm and relaxed. Just knowing that I have these options available to me is helpful in of itself..

Here are my top ten strategies:

Slow deep breathing. Take a deep breath into your belly. Hold it. Now let it out … slowly. Count to 6 as you let out your breath. Feel the tension and stress flow out of you with your breath. Repeat 3-10 times, as necessary.

Re-thinking. Much of your stress is caused by inaccurate thinking. Often it’s Catastrophic Thinking…telling yourself that something bad is going to happen. Listen to your thoughts and make the mountain back into a molehill

Self-massage. I like to massage my shoulders, neck, head, lower back. It helps a lot.  Another great relaxation technique is to tense up and then relax each muscle in your body, one at a time, starting from your toes up to your head.

Take a walk. When I’m in the middle of stress, I like to take a walk . I also do the deep breathing and self-massage mentioned above as I do so. It’s a great way of letting go of tension and allowing yourself to re-think.

Exercise. Exercise lowers any tension in your body and gives you some quiet time to think. Exercise early in the day is particularly helpful. Walk, run, swim, bike, dance, and stretch.

Go outside. It’s nice to connect with nature and take in the beauty around you. While you’re there, stretch, yawn, take some deep breaths, and enjoy.

Meditate. You don’t need to be an expert to have a short, relaxing meditation session. Just sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes, relax, and focus on your breathing. Concentrate on your breath as you breath in your nose and out through your mouth. When thoughts pop into your head, just acknowledge them, and bring your focus back to your breathing. Do this for 5-15 minutes, then open your eyes, take a couple of cleansing breaths, stretch, and resume what you were doing.

Love. I like to spend time with my wife, children, and grand-daughter. Just be fully present with them, forget about the world. They are all that’s important, and sometimes this is what we need to remember.

Disconnect. Don’t answer the phones, put your computer in sleep mode, and shut off the outside world for a little while. Too much of these things raises your stress level.

Take a siesta. This is one of my favorites. I take a 30-minute nap, and I am so much more relaxed! A nap is stress reducer and positive momentum booster for me.

What are your most effective ways of relieving your stress? Please let us know by commenting.

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