10 Critical Keys to Maintaining Momentum and Achieving Goals


MoHow   Posted By:   Dr. MO   Momentum is the energy and force of moving forward and upward in life. When you know how to develop and sustain it, achieving your goals becomes more and more likely. In this post, I will describe 10 key actions to take to keep yourself motivated and on track…

1.  Develop a Momentum Mind.  Momentum Thinking is accurate, purposeful, constructive and skilled. With Momentum Thinking skills, you are able to listen to your Self-talk and quickly counter and replace Momentum-stopping thoughts with Momentum-fostering ones. Momentum Thinking will power you through adversities and propel you toward your goals.

2. Journal Daily. Keeping a journal to record your activities, thoughts and daily goal-related achievements will help you stay on course and sustain your motivation. Keep your record offline or use the MoPad feature of Maintain Momentum.

3. Power your Goals with Powerful Reasons. Before you set your achievement goals, write down the three most important reasons for having the goal. The reasons need to be associated with strong emotional consequences. When you read the reasons, they must evoke strong feelings and bodily sensations as you imagine the goal being achieved.

4. Re-inspire yourself Every Day. Inspiration boosts energy, motivation and Momentum. Look for inspiration through stories of achievement, motivational quotes, awe-provoking photos, the people in your life, videos and music. Give yourself motivational pep talks and Momentum charges every day.

5. Develop Resilience to Deal with Adversities. Between the time you set a goal and the time you reach the goal, you will face many difficult moments in which thoughts of stopping or giving up will occur. It seems much easier to quit than to continue and you need to be prepared to power your way through these achievement-stopping thoughts. Develop resilience and perseverance as new and improved Thinking skills before you embark on a new initiative and hone these skills with daily Momentum Thinking practice.

6. Just Do It! In the 1980s, Nike developed the motto “Just Do It!” On days when I tell myself I’m too tired or I offer myself some other excuse to avoid or not do what’s necessary to reach my goal, I’ve developed my own strategy to keep going…

As soon as I hear myself utter the excuse, I say: “There’s a time for thinking and a time for doing…this is a time to do and to stop thinking.” For example, if the challenge is about getting up early and not wanting to get out of bed, I simply imagine a gentle hand pulling me out of bed. If the situation is about avoiding a commitment to exercise, I put on my sneakers and begin to do the activity. Once I start, I develop the necessary Momentum and it gets easier from there.

7. Be Totally Committed. An excellent way to indelibly write the importance of your goal into your mind and those around you is to complete a Personal Commitment Contract, to copy it, sign it, have it witnessed by friends and to post it and review it daily. This type of contract is an integral part of the training available through maintain momentum and will help keep you dedicated through thick and thin.

8. Visualize your Desired Outcome Daily. As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” When you hone your visualization skills, you will strengthen and foster your faith and belief in yourself and dramatically increase the likelihood of maintaining Momentum and achieving your goals.

Close your eyes and internally use all of your senses to see, hear, feel, smell and taste your desired outcome. Experience the achievement from within you, through your own eyes. Experience the moment in full color and stereo sound. Write the movie using powerful words and paint a powerful picture. Repeat this daily and you will remain motivated and on track.

9. Re-enforce your Achievements Regularly.  If achieving a major goal is a long term project, break your goal up into smaller objectives and reward yourself each time you reach a benchmark. Make the reward large enough to be motivating and small enough so that you leave room for greater rewards when you reach your final destination.

10. Complete the Momentum Mind course. Achieving goals and maintaining Momentum are principally the result of great mental fitness. Both require resilience, optimism and purposeful constructive thinking. In life, you will always encounter problems along the way. Unskilled thinkers will often think “failure” and quit, skilled thinkers will usually think “setback” and continue.

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